A family business founded in 1979, Leahy Orchards Inc. is the result of the vision and initiative of Mr. James R. Leahy. The company began as a fresh apple packager for the retail market. The rigorous selection process resulted in a large number of  very good apples being rejected. Mr. Leahy decided to salvage and transform these apples. Thus, Leahy Orchards applesauce products began.

The foresight of Mr. Leahy and his sons allowed the company to find a new market niche by producing private label apple products for a range of major grocery chains.

Today, thanks to Mr. Leahy's business acumen, superior product quality and exclusive production processes, Leahy Orchards produces over 90% of the private label applesauce products in Canada. With the company's national Applesnax brand and private labels maintain 70% market share in Canada and approximately 3% share in the US for applesauce sales.


We do not lack daring!

Leahy Orchards is an industry pioneer because we approach every innovation with large-scale vision and forethought.

  • First private label manufacturer for major food chains
  • Accounts for 90% of private label brands in Canada
  • Holds 70% market share in applesauce sales in Canada
  • Holds 3% market share in applesauce sales in the United States
  • Is socially and financially invested in numerous charitable causes